What’s a “Manic Pharmacist”?

It’s mainly the title of this blog. However, a manic pharmacist is also a pharmacist with… you guessed it, mania.

So, you’re manic and a pharmacist?

Yes and no. I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder in 2021, making me indeed manic at times. However, I’m still a few years away from becoming a full-fledged pharmacist. The scientific curiosity is still strong, though.

How did you get the idea for this blog?

A hypomanic episode and my father’s full support. That’s how.

Because I’m naturally curious and my thoughts sometimes have the zoomies, I often find myself juggling ideas and questions. Most are very random, some are more scientific in nature. I’ll search and ask around until I get the answers. Though at times, I find myself reading papers that have nothing to do with my initial question!

I finally told myself: “Hey, why not share this curiosity?” That’s how “Manic Pharmacist” is born.

Bipolar disorder might not be an easy “gift” to handle, it comes with its perks. One of them is immense creativity, an endless supply of ideas and the eagerness to accomplish them!

What can I expect to find here?

It depends what you’re looking for. Mostly, though, you’ll find articles about everyday subjects like beauty, health, nutrition, fitness… Often explained by science! Yes, I will be giving short scientific explanation at the end of most articles. Sometimes, in order to keep them short and readable, I will be linking additional reading material for the most curious readers.

Last words, and you can start browsing.

I created this blog for entertainment purpose. Please do not take it as medical advice or diagnosis. If you’re looking for professional advice or diagnosis, please consult a professional.

To end this short introduction, have a look at these suppositories and capsules I made in third year. Aren’t they neat?